Getting Here

Driving to Falls Creek

Falls Creek offers on-mountain car parking for both day trips and longer stays. The cost for parking is covered with the purchase of a resort entry permit, required for all vehcles entering the resort.

 From Sydney or Melbourne the best way is to travel along the Hume Highway and take the turnoffs at either Wangaratta (from Melbourne) or Albury (from Sydney).


Last petrol stop is Mt Beauty, so be sure to fill up before Falls Creek! You may also need alpine diesel or antifreeze.

Driving Tips

LP gas vehicles perform best on petrol in alpine regions Ensure you have adequate fuel - there is none available at Falls Creek Avoid sudden braking or acceleration when driving in icy conditions Drive with your headlights on in foggy conditions Do not drive with accumulated snow on your vehicle - doing so is illegal and creates hazards to other vehicles

Public Transport


Victoria's V/Line service originates at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne's CBD. Travel time is approximately 3 hours to Wangaratta or 4 hours to Albury. Regular services run 3 times daily.

Falls Creek Coach Service


The New South Wales NSW TrainLink service originates at Sydney Central Station. Travel time is approximately 7½ hours to Albury or 8½ hours to Wangaratta. Regular services run twice daily.